Tagging Your Items

Our barcoding system will allow you to:

-Register and/or sign in to your homepage
-Set up a drop-off appointment time
-Inventory your items
-Print your tags (MUST BE ON CARDSTOCK)
-Sign up to be a volunteer worker
-Watch your sales
-Bar coding provides you with more control over your inventory. You can track your items throughout the sale to see which items have sold, and can determine how much money you have made before you receive your check!

How to Make Your Tags:

1. Once, you register, log in to your homepage.
2. Click on “Work with Consigned Inventory” on the left to build your inventory for the current sale.
3. Check the “Donate” box if you would like any unsold items to be donated to a local charity.
***The inventory input system will be available until 9:00 PM on the Tuesday before the sale.

How to Print Your Tags:

1. Go back to your homepage.
2. Click on “Work with Consigned Inventory” on the left.
3. Click on “Print All Tags.” Note that you can also choose to print only certain tags by clicking on “Print Selected Tags.”
4. Remember to print your tags on CARDSTOCK to ensure they are not torn off or otherwise damaged by shoppers.
5. Cut the tags out and connect them to their respective items as discussed in the “Preparing Your Items For Sale” section.
***Tags may be printed even after the inventory input system is closed.

***Please remember that you cannot go into the sale and change prices by hand. If you have an item whose price or discount status you want to change, you must come to me at the sale and ask me to change it in the system. Otherwise, the price of your item will not scan accurately.