Preparing Your Items for Sale

  • Attach your tag with a safety pin to the upper right hand side of the clothing item (see picture at bottom).
  • Please do not use the small gold pins. They fall off very easily and tags tear off of them very easily too.
  • Hang your item with the hanger hook opening to the left (see picture at bottom). This ensures that all items hang the same way, and that all tags are positioned toward the outside of the rack, making it easier for shoppers to see the tags.
  • For sets of clothes, hang the top on the hanger like normal, then turn the top over and pin the bottoms to the back (through the top and the hanger). This lets the shopper see the whole outfit without having to look under a top or remove anything from the hanger. Be sure to use large safety pins so that the pins don’t pull on the top.
  • Pin pants to the top arms of the hanger, not the bottom. Pants pinned to the bottom of a hanger slip and slide, meaning they don’t hang as well and don’t sell as well.
  • Toys or other non-clothes items should have their tag taped to the item in a place that will not hurt it. Use clear packing tape, not scotch tape. For toys with small parts, put the parts in a zip-lock bag and tape the bag to the toy. If you have bags of items like sleepers, tape the tag to the outside of the bag (make sure to describe the contents of the bag and how many items it contains).
  • Shoes should be placed in a zip-loc bag, either with the tag under the shoes and facing out or with the tag taped to the outside of the bag. For larger shoes, tie the laces together and pin the tag to the laces. Shoes without laces can be rubber-banded together with the tag pinned through the rubber bands! Shoes sell better if they are not in the shoebox – the shopper doesn’t want to have to open all the boxes to see what the shoes look like.